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"It used to worry me when I was booked for an event and I knew I’d have to attend in the same old clothes. It didn’t feel good and it wasn’t pleasant being the guest speaker of the night, yet looking somewhat shabby.

I found that I was getting busier with more TV appearances, talks, events etc and felt conscious that I was being seen in the same dark, baggy outfits and that I wasn’t representing myself in the right way. This is when I knew I had to act upon it, no more excuses, start NOW!  So I reached out to Kim in desperate need of an entire change of style!

First off, I want to explain how Kim has transformed everything in my wardrobe, but also the fashion sense in me and all so quickly! Not only do I now have tailor made kit that I can wear with utmost confidence, I also have varied styles and colours which help me to stand out amongst the crowd.

But the way Kim did this was very clever, introducing me to colours and styles that not only look good on me, but also that I like and feel good in. Kim would never throw something my way and say “this looks great and I want you to wear it”, what Kim would actually do is provide me with a number of different options, styles and colours that were in fashion and looked great, in order for her to understand what it is that I like, so she can base and adapt the style around this moving forward.

This instantly made me feel so comfortable, that I look forward to meeting up with her and sourcing new items time and time again. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with someone who is not only an expert in their field, but is an absolute joy to be around too.  

Not only do I now have fantastic and fitted garments in my wardrobe, I actually have my very own unique style.

I absolutely love my new wardrobe. I feel like no matter what occasion or event I have coming up, I’m all set and ready with the various different options I now have.

When I say different styles, I literally mean that I have a style for:

  • Travelling and commuting
  • Appearances and events
  • Talks and interviews
  • Business in a hot country
  • Business in a cold country
  • And a smart/casual style for day to day life, whether that be home or abroad.

I have now learnt to be bolder, to stand out and wear different styles and colours with confidence. To be able to present in front of people comfortably and confidently makes each event far more relaxed, enjoyable and I now get excited when I’m booked for future events!

Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, a stylist doesn’t just make you look good, they make you genuinely feel good too. And I say, if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you do good!

I look back now and the only thing I think, is “if only sooner!”

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"All in all, the kimobi styling experience didn’t meet my expectations, but exceeded them. I consider a virtual replacement of wardrobe, sourced in a single day, for less than £2,000, with the combinations and variety I have, and the happiness that it brings, to be an absolute and unequivocal success.

The highlights of my experience were:

Learning more about what I like and don’t like and understanding my style - as opposed to someone telling me what to wear or me making bad purchasing decisions out of desperation.

Executing on Kim's organisation, and natural energy and enthusiasm, which really made the experience and were a constant highlight.

Waking up in the mornings afterwards and being excited about matching various combinations of my clothes to my mood.  It used to be: F*%$ what am I going to wear today? And now it’s: F*%$ what am I going to wear today!!"



"Working with Kim from has been extraordinary.  

I've always hated shopping (and still do) but the experience of shopping with Kim was actually quite enjoyable and the outcome achieved was well worth the time and effort.  We went to shops I've never considered before, I tried on clothes I'd never ordinarily look at and ultimately I walked away with not only an entirely new collection of clothes to wear, but a completely new attitude.

I didn't realise that there was joy to be had from getting dressed every day but now I've experienced it I'll never go back.  The spring it puts in my step every single day has had a life changing impact on my mindset and ambition. 

I highly recommend working with Kim and her team."