Are you an ambitious professional, determined to achieve your career and life goals in 2018?


If you hate shopping and feel stuck in a rut, wearing the same sorts of clothes from the same stores over and over, it’s time to think about how this is holding you back.  

As the world’s first and only personal stylist specialising in smart casual menswear, I work with ambitious professionals to up-level how they dress, enabling them to achieve career and life success.  

Every single one of my clients has had positively life-changing wins after their experience.  

From getting promoted, to landing a new job with a significant pay rise, to signing a book deal, to getting married, the people I work with are all going places and achieving their goals.

Want to join them?


WHY Work with me

I get asked all the time why I transitioned from an amazing career in marketing to become a personal stylist.  In fact, the two are very similar as they’re both about communication with other humans.

After over 15 years working in smart casual offices in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, across a range of industries from media to financial services and fashion eCommerce to tech, I know what good looks like when it comes to making a professional impact while wearing jeans.    

Just as some people are born with an incredible singing voice and others are talented athletes, my gift is a clear instinct for fashion.  It’s like having a kind of X-ray vision.  

Smart casual is a difficult dress code where the subtlest of nuances will make or break your look and I can spot instantly, almost subconsciously, what’s working with what you’re wearing, and what’s not. From eyewear (your glasses) to footwear and everything in between.  

After many years side-hustling to help friends and colleagues with their style, I’ve spent the last two years formally re-training and building my business so I can combine my experience as a Chartered Marketer (MCIM), with expertise in personal branding, to help people with my gift of sartorial instinct.  

I formally qualified as a Personal Stylist at the School of Style in New York (the Ivy League of the styling world), and have been mentored by world class fashion stylists in the UK while classically training with bespoke tailors across London.  


Now it’s your turn

When having the influence and impact you need to rise to the top, how you dress and present yourself is critical.

I believe everyone has a right to dress well, feel good about themselves and reach their potential. But great style doesn’t happen by accident.  

By working with me, you will:

  • Receive 1:1 guidance through the development of your own personal style

  • Save money on clothing by ensuring that you invest wisely in your wardrobe and get value from everything you buy

  • Emerge feeling proud and confident in how you’re presenting yourself to the world, every day.

Your success is just a style upgrade away.  

Let me help you nail it in 2018.